Where To Put Ashes After Cremation

You will have to decide on where to put your loved one’s cremated remains after the cremation process. Here we’ll discuss a list of creative ideas that you can use to turn the cremation ashes of your loved one into a legacy in itself.

Cremation is an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional burial process. Not only does it save you money but it also provides you with an opportunity to memorialize the deceased in the best possible way.

If you don’t want your loved one’s ashes scattered or if they didn’t mention anything specific, consider using the ideals listed in this guide. It will help you store the ashes in a way that brings you and your family peace.

What To Put Ashes In After Cremation: Creative Ideas

If you’re not sure what to put the cremated ashes in to say farewell to your loved one, consider using any of the following ideas.

1. Use Keepsake Urns

Using a keepsake urn is one of the most popular ways to store cremated ashes of your dearest one who has passed away. There are different types of cremation urns available, and you can choose the one depending on the lifestyle that the deceased had.

Keepsake Urns

You can also opt for multiple small-sized urns if you want to share the loved one’s remains amongst family as they will only store a small portion of ashes. 

This approach will allow you to distribute the cremated remains equally so that everyone can have their loved one near them.

Make sure that you also use multiple plastic bags before storing ashes in each keepsake urn. It’ll prevent spills and eliminate the risk of losing the cremated remains during the transition process.

2. Use Biodegradable Urns

If the deceased was concerned about the environment, you can use biodegradable urns for keeping or burying ashes to honor the deceased. You’ll also need to use a biodegradable urn if you want to bury the deceased in a cremation garden or green cemetery.

That’s because these burial sites won’t allow you to use a cremation urn made of synthetic materials. The benefit of using an all-natural urn is that it starts to disperse into the soil once you bury it.

3. Cremation Jewelry

It’s possible to use human ashes in cremation jewelry to keep your loved one with you all the time. You can buy different jewelry items from the market that come with a built-in small chamber where you can store the cremated remains. 

It also allows you to share the memory of the person who has passed away with other mourners, as they can also buy a piece of jewelry to store and keep a small amount of cremated remains.

For example, a group of brothers can buy cremation rings or bracers and store the cremains of their father after the final goodbye. A group of sisters can also do the same by purchasing cremation necklaces.

The cremation jewelry items are available in multiple colors and you can choose the one that suits you the best. Additionally, you can also find a piece of jewelry that comes with a transparent chamber that allows you to see the ashes whenever you want.

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to place all the cremated remains in jewelry. It means you can always take some ashes after cremation even if you need to perform a burial or scattering ashes ceremony.

4. Place In A Cremation Niche

There are different types of cremation niches available that you can use to store your loved one’s remains. A niche is basically an above-ground burial space that allows you to store the ashes.

Place In A Cremation Niche

Most cremation niches are made of granite or marble and they’re typically sealed and you can’t see inside them. 

However, some of them come with a transparent glass front. It allows you and your family members to view the beautiful urn, along with the memorial items placed in it.

You’ll need to use a cremation urn that can easily fit inside the niche. Additionally, you can also opt for a big niche and small urn if you want to place other keepsake items inside it.

5. Use A Book Urn

If the person who has passed away loved to read books, you can buy a book urn to store their cremated remains. You can also get a special book urn made, which has the cover of your loved one’s favorite book to honor them. 

It’ll be a perfect urn and the best final resting place for the deceased.

6. Plant A Tree

As woodland burials and green funerals are becoming increasingly popular, you can consider transforming the cremains of the deceased into a tree. It’s the best way to honor someone who loved nature and was concerned about the environment.

There are special types of biodegradable urns available in the market that you can use for this purpose. These cremation urns contain all the necessary ingredients and instructions to help you grow a tree using cremated ashes.

If you have a big outdoor space or backyard and you can plant a tree there, using this approach will suit you the best. 

Not only will it allow you to say farewell to your loved one in a perfect way but it’ll also help you keep them close enough to pay a visit to them whenever you want.

Plant a Tree

7. Get Memorial Pencils

If the person who passed away was a writer or artist, you can use their ashes to get memorial pencils made. It’ll allow you to transform their cremated remains into real and functional pencils. They’ll work as a touching keepsake for the entire family.

Memorial pencils are usually made using a carbon copies project, and you receive the pencil set in a box. The box also has a sharpener, which allows you to sharpen the pencils easily and stores the shavings.

It means that you’ll still have the remains of your loved one in the form of shavings even if you have used all the pencils.

8. Place Ashes In A Toy

You can buy memorial toys from the market, such as teddy bears, to store the cremated ashes of the deceased. These toys have a small chamber on the back side to store cremains. Typically, people who have sadly lost a child use cremation toys.

However, you can also use this method if you want to give cremated remains of your family member to a kid as a small keepsake. They’ll cuddle the toy while sleeping, which will help them take comfort in knowing that their loved one is close to them.

9. Get A Vinyl Record

Using cremation ashes to create a vinyl record is a relatively new trend and becoming popular day by day. Many young people now want their cremated remains to be compressed into a vinyl record.

If the person who passed away was a musician or loved to listen to music a lot, consider using this approach. You’ll need to contact a local company to turn the ashes into any vinyl record you want, which you and your family members will be able to cherish for years to come.

10. Add To A Sculpture

Adding cremated ashes to a sculpture is another great way to honor and memorialize the deceased and celebrate a life well lived. You can use this idea if you want something more than an urn to keep the cremains at home.

cremated ash sculpture

This approach will also suit you if your loved one was an artist. If you can make sculptures yourself, consider mixing the ashes with the clay.

However, if you can’t or don’t want to do it yourself, you can find local services that will create a memorial sculpture for you. The best thing about this approach is that you don’t need to use all the cremation ashes.

A sculpturing service will need only a small amount of cremains, and you’ll be able to use the rest to perform a scattering ceremony or burial if needed.


How Long Can Ashes Be Kept After Cremation?

You can keep the human ashes after cremation for as long as you want. You’ll just need to make sure you keep them dry so that they remain in the best condition.

Can Cremated Ashes Be Kept at Home?

Yes, cremated ashes can be kept at home using different types of urns. You can also use many other methods to store and keep them, such as cremation jewelry, book urn, memorial pencils, cuddly toys, vinyl records, or even a sculpture.

Can You Put Cremation Ashes in Anything?

Yes, you can put cremation ashes in anything you want as long as it can contain them. Ideally, you should use an airtight container for this purpose so that the ashes remain safe.

Where Do You Keep Cremated Ashes?

Typically, cremated ashes are kept in cremation urns made of different materials such as wood, porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble, stone, or crystal. You can also find other items, such as cremation rings, necklaces, and toys if you want.

Final Words

Cremation offers the flexibility to say goodbye to your loved one and lay them to rest while keeping them close to you. There are tons of different ways to memorialize the deceased and turn them into a legacy.

We hope this guide will help you find the most suitable way to store the ashes of your dearest one who passed away, depending on your preferences and needs.

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