Cremation Monuments

More and more people are choosing to use cremation monuments instead of scattering ashes. These monuments serve as a place of remembrance of the person who has passed. They show more than love and respect of the ones who have passed but let others know just how significant their life was. Cremation monuments tell a story about the life of the person who has passed on for centuries to come. There are many ways to memorialize the deceased but cremation monuments are a significant way that shows great appreciation for the ones who have passed on. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. For financial reasons monuments are becoming a fast growing business due to the fact with times the way they are monuments are cheaper than ground burial. Over the years different structures have been built to serve as monuments here are some examples of cremation monuments. Here is a brief look at some of the options families have when deciding upon a cremation monument at a tribute to their loved one.

Cremation rocks are quickly becoming a very populary tribute

One very popular type of cremation monument is cremation rocks. These pieces are often made of fiberglass reinforced construction grade granite, because it is granite it is made it is a place to visit for generations. They are hollow and accessible from the bottom where the urn is placed. Often these cremation rocks are not only chosen to be placed in cemeteries but also in private gardens, lawns, or front or backyard as an attractive accent to landscaping. Such placement of these cremation monuments allows families to always be near their deceased loved one, even after death. Some see this as a way to keep memories of their deceased loved ones close to home or a “natural” way to celebrate the lives of the deceased. Another type of cremation memorial is known as cremation trees and they do the very same thing. They are made out of durable cast stone, and the trees can be put in schools and universities. They can be installed just about anywhere and attractive memorial plaques can be put on them. Just like their cremation memorials, the rocks, cremation trees have a hollow bottom where the ashes are held.

Home style cremation monuments are known as giving a homey feeling due to the fact they have house like features. These monuments can have two urn niches and a sheltered alcove that protects the urn. Just like a real home there are many different styles and colors that can be chosen. Likewise, granite benches are a beautiful way to memorialize a deceased loved one who has been cremated. These beautiful monuments offer a special place to sit and visit and remember the deceased. They hold up to four sets of urns and are granite made so they can outlast time. Names and dates are engraved on them. Like most any other cremation memorial, these can be installed in just about any location where they are allowed by practice and law: cemeteries, parks, yards and churches.

Yet another type of cremation monument is the personal sized pedestals. These pieces are environmentally friendly due to the fact they do not require a concrete foundation. These monuments are nice and compact which makes it an easy way to put in and move if need be. Given the space just about anything can be engraved on it. For the many generations of family members want to be buried together or side by side, estate sized cremation monuments hold multiple urns for families who want to be cremated but not scattered and be with their deceased relatives in cemeteries or on home properties. These pieces hold enough engraving space to accommodate generations. The planter styled cremation monuments are known as a cheaper monument. But, despite the lower cost, planter monuments are a beautiful choice. These pieces can hold an actual living plant with the urn. Any plant can be chosen given the size of the planter. Many chose this if their deceased loved one had a “green thumb.” In such cases, their favorite plant can be put in this monument next to their ashes.

Cultural monuments are unique monuments due to the fact that they are about the deceased culture. It can be created with any type on monument and add characteristics of the deceased culture. For those whose family member died in war, a civic military monument includes a bench and upright monuments that pay tribute and respect to our fallen soldiers. Monument pictures are ceramic made and can be placed on any grave marker. A picture is backed into the ceramic. Bronze plaques are durable monuments. That can have anything engraved upon them, and like many other monuments, can be placed anywhere. They can have many different pictures placed on them such as Jesus and angels. Cremation monument pillars are an alternative to traditional monuments. These pieces pay strict tribute to the serenity that nature provides to mankind. They come in all shapes and colors, and any design can be put on this monument given the size. They are granite or marble made.

Cremation grave markers are a wonderful way to create a permanent remembrance

Upright cremation monuments are also known as upright ash headstones. These monuments are very much just like regular grave markers but they are designed to hold urns. They can hold up to multiple urns. They are made of natural materials, such as granite. Some are shaped into angels, trees, clovers, hearts or feature a natural-theme. In many cases, these cremation monuments feature discreet compartments that have space where cremated remains may be interred.

Even though cremation monuments for children are a depressing thought they are also necessary. They are made to be comforting to the family of the deceased. They are made with child like scenes such as teddy bears and little angels and they forever proclaim the innocence of youth. There is not a better way to remember a child whose life was taken to soon than with a long lasting cremation monument. In short, a life lived is one worth remembering, and cremation monuments last for generations, so they are definitely capable of keeping the memories of anyone’s life alive for the ages. Most cremation monuments, no matter what their style, can be made to feature just about any special design: hearts, majestic columns, diamonds and such. But much of what you choose depends on the rules of the cemetery you choose – if, in fact, you choose to put your cremation monument in a cemetery. So, for a final thought, one wise thing to do when deciding upon your options for a cremation memorial is to be sure to check with the cemetery (or the owners of any private property upon which you intend to install your monument).