Cremation Keepsakes

Cremation keepsakes are a relatively new memorial novelty that many who are searching for accessories that will perfectly memorialize their loved ones find themselves surprised to discover. The term itself can refer to many different sub-categories of memorial product, so it’s important that customers understand all of their options. Due to the variety of cremation keepsakes available today, many a customer has discovered a type of cremation keepsake that suited their loved one perfectly only after he or she has already purchased a different product. This is often not too significant of a problem, fortunately, since most cremation keepsakes are affordable enough to warrant the purchase of more than one. But, nevertheless, it’s a good idea for consumers to be as well informed as possible as they search for the perfect cremation keepsake (also sometimes known, by the way, as memorial gifts).

Cremation keepsakes are small vessels that hold a small amount of remains

Perhaps the most intriguing form of cremation keepsakes is cremation ash jewelry. Basically, cremation jewelry is a beautifully designed pendant or bracelet that includes a tiny hollow crevice in which a small piece of cremation ashes can be stored for the ages. These cremation keepsakes arouse great interest in most people who hear about them for the first time. Even for those who are uncomfortable with the thought of wearing bits of cremation ashes in a piece of jewelry, the idea is a curiosity worthy of respect. Many a customer has contacted a retailer who offers cremation jewelry (along with other cremation keepsakes) to explain that, while he or she would not feel right buying a cremation jewelry piece for himself, many others in a family have requested the purchase on their behalf. And, for those, for whom cremation jewelry is a treasured keepsake, their pendant is often one that they will describe as the most important possession they own. A woman whose house was destroyed by a tornado, for example, called her cremation jewelry retailer one day to report sadly that her pendant was the only of her possessions that had survived the storm intact. Even the clothes she had been wearing were torn from her body as she bravely escaped the storm’s destruction. But, though all of her other Earthly possessions were now destroyed or missing, the woman said her cremation pendant containing the ashes of her dearly departed brother, gave her an amazing feeling of comfort that would help her rebuild her life. “Thanks to my pendant, I know everything will be okay,” she said. Such is the strength of any cremation keepsake.

Another type of cremation keepsake is the keepsake urn. These beautiful pieces are simply miniature version of traditional sized cremation urns. Many families purchase this type of keepsake as a compliment to the larger urn. Most of their beloved family member’s ashes are then stored in the large urn, and smaller portions are placed in one or more keepsake urns that can be displayed in a separate location from the larger urn. In these situations families who live in various locations can easily share the cremains (and therefore the memories) of their beloved family member. Many families whose member’s lives have scattered them across the globe have been known to purchase a number of keepsake cremation urns so that, for example, the beloved family patriarch – and all the wisdom he imparted in his days – will never be far from home for any of his precious disciples.

Cremation keepsake urns come in many different styles

While most of these types of cremation keepsakes are available in models that resemble the large urn, it is by no means a requirement of tradition that all keepsake urns purchased by a given family must be of the same ilk as the main one. In fact, many families have reported that they have found great comfort in allowing each of the survivors most touched by the life of the deceased to select his or her own keepsake urn, one that reflects the spirit through which the family member’s life had been touched by the loved one. It’s not uncommon for families to choose a half dozen or more different models of keepsake urn so that several different family members may participate in this cremation keepsake tradition. Fortunately, for families who choose to go this route, there are plenty of options available. Most any retailer who sells cremation urns will also have a good selection of keepsake urns. Some retailers, in fact, have thousands of models of keepsake urns on hand for quick delivery to just about anywhere in the United States. And, while keepsake urns are available in a wide variety of sizes, most hold between 5 and 20 cubic inches of cremation ashes. Such sizes are sufficient to allow a dozen or more people to share their loved one’s cremains in a specially chosen cremation keepsake of their own.

While cremation jewelry and keepsake urns are probably the two most common forms of cremation keepsakes, they are far from the only two options. Today’s memorial retailers will be able to point a grieving family to a myriad of other ideas. Glass cremation art in which bits of cremation ashes are mixed into the colors as they are hand blown is a type of cremation keepsake that is growing in popularity. As is the new trend of including ashes in the colors of an abstract oil-based painting. In short, only the imagination can limit the number of memorial products available today that can be considered cremation keepsakes. Anyone interested in keeping the spirit of a friend or loved one close at hand and alive through the ages should contact a memorial retailer and find out about the amazing – and ever growing – number of options available for cremation keepsakes.