Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is a comforting memorial option that many people are thankful to have when faced with the loss of a loved one. This time is never easy or uncomplicated. The grief can be overwhelming, and it is only made more difficult by the impending needs of a burial. There are a seemingly endless amount of decisions to make and arrangements that must be timed properly. When all is said and done we are left coping with a loss that has hardly begun to register, and that’s when cremation jewelry brings about the most comfort. Here is a short summary of what this memorial phenomenon is all about.

Cremation jewelry is a comforting memorial option to create a remembrance

Often it helps when we are able to honor the ones we love by keeping a tangible reminder of them close to us. Since the beginning of recorded time it has been a common practice to honor those that have passed by cremating their remains. Traditionally, the families of the deceased would store the remains of their loved one in a vase-like urn and display them. This custom has become increasingly popular and has taken many different forms. It is now possible to carry a small amount of cremated remains in a vessel that is beautifully decorated and can be worn. Cremation jewelry has become a widely accepted form of memorializing those we love in a way that is truly personal, as each individual would be able to carry a small remembrance with them at all times.

Simply put, cremation jewelry is a piece of jewelry that holds a minute amount of remains of someone who has passed. These remains could be ashes, a lock of hair, a bit of sacred ground from where their loved one is buried, or the dried and crushed flowers from the funeral. It is at the discretion of the bearer as to what will be placed inside the piece of jewelry as it will be the wearer who it will bring comfort and peace for years to come.

There are many different styles and types of cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry has become so popular that there are now thousands of different options to choose from. Materials commonly used to make cremation vessels are wood, glass, acrylic, stainless steel, titanium, sterling silver and gold, all of which can be made into literally any shape or form one may wish. Lockets, cylinders, pendants, bracelets, pins, key chains, rings, and jewelry domes are but a few of the types of keepsakes available to those who wish to create a lifelong piece of jewelry. It is also possible to have a custom piece made that compliments one’s own personal sentiment. Precious and semi-precious stones may be added as an accent to any piece. Many times a loved one will choose to have the birth stone of the deceased placed onto a piece. Another way to personalize cremation jewelry is to have it engraved with the name of the loved one that has passed. Engraving the date of passing of the deceased and a brief epitaph are also common practice. Most suppliers will offer this service at a very small price. Meaningful symbols and sentimental etchings can also be added to further personalize a finished piece.

So popular is the practice of creating these keepsakes that the trend has continued into the area of pets. When browsing through a cremation jewelry site it is common to notice a segment dedicated entirely to memorializing a deceased animal companion. There are many unique and endearing pieces to choose from. You will find the same types of vessels previously mentioned. In addition, you will find vessels shaped like bones, paw prints, food bowls, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and the like. There are two ways to create pet cremation jewelry. One way is to have a small amount of your pet’s ashes placed in a compartment inside the keepsake. Another way is to have a small amount of your pet’s remains incorporated into the actual jewelry material while it’s being formed. Either method works well to preserve the memory of your pet and provides a lifelong keepsake to be cherished by everyone. The costs of creating these keepsakes are surprisingly low. Depending on the materials used, they range anywhere from under thirty dollars to upwards of a thousand. It takes a very short time to have a piece sent out, and it is handled with decorum and respect. Once received, directions are given as how to place the remains of your loved one inside the vessel. Usually a small funnel will be sent along with some type of epoxy. The epoxy should be placed along the threads of the lid. Once in place the container will be secured, and there will be nothing left to do but to find peace in your keepsake.

Cremation Jewelry can create an unforgettable gift

Cremation jewelry has become a very popular trend due to its simplicity, beauty and cost. Though it continues to grow, it does carry some air of taboo due to the fact that many people find it unacceptable to carry the remains of their loved ones about their person. Many think of the idea as an atrocity and an affront to the ones that have passed. In fact, they consider it sacrilege. This is a personal choice. In the end, the choices made are done so by those that knew the departed best. It stands to reason that they would best communicate what the departed would have wanted.

The loss of a loved one cannot be diminished, but can be honored in ways that help to memorialize their time spent on earth. Through cremation jewelry we endeavor to immortalize those that have passed. By carrying a tiny piece of those passed we pay tribute to their memory, and acknowledge their importance to all who loved them.